Green Hotels

No need to leave your eco-friendly lifestyle at home during your next trip — check in to green accommodations.

Move that Barn! (But Read This First)

Before transplanting an old barn onto or away from your property, note these five considerations that could affect the moving process.

Doctors Try a New Rx

Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock As part of the Fruit and Veggie Rx pilot program, doctors prescribed coupons redeemable for fresh produce at farmers’ markets in addition to their patient’s regular medications. The results of the program’s effects on patient health will be released in February 2011. “Take two and call me in the morning” is a common, […]

College Dining Takes a Fresh Turn

Courtesy University of Kansas/ Shant Thomas The Farm-to-Cart program gives students at the University of Kansas the opportunity to buy fresh produce from local farms. When students at the University of Kansas go home for Thanksgiving dinner this year, many might actually eat worse food than they do at school. In the college town of […]

Ain’t No Party Like an Eco-party

Courtesy Citizens in Ecuador plant hundreds of native trees. As part of the Global Work Party, events like this, which contribute to climate change, will take place around the world. This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will take to streets, parks and other public places to fight global warming as […]

Denver Distributes Trees to Communities

Courtesy The Park People The city of Denver’s Denver Digs Trees program distributes trees to neighborhoods twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring. If a tree falls in Denver chances are very good someone will plant one back in its place. That’s due, in large part, to Denver Digs Trees, a […]

EPA Releases Air Toxin Stats

Birmingham, Ala., was one of the cities where the EPA performed air toxin monitoring around schools. How clean is the air your children are breathing at school? The EPA is on a mission to find out. Last year, as part of a new air toxins monitoring initiative, the agency began monitoring the outdoor air around […]

Seattle Legalizes Urban Farms, Denies Roosters

Courtesy Diana Jain Nicole Capizzi runs a CSA from her 1/2-acre urban farm in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood.  Anyone who’s secretly been keeping more than three chickens in Seattle is no longer breaking the law, thanks to new legislation that updates the city’s land-use codes on urban agriculture. But it’s ixnay for the roosters. The […]

Whole Foods Opens First On-site Garden

Courtesy Doug Buerlein Some of the produce grown in the Village Garden, Whole Foods Market’s first community garden, will be used in the grocery store’s salad bar and cooking classes. A store in the Richmond, Va., metro area is giving the term “farm to market” a refreshing new meaning by becoming the first Whole Foods […]

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