Easy-To-Light Luminary

Don’t burn your fingers trying to light a homemade tin-can luminary ever again. This project will create a cute little light that will save your hands.

upcycled fabric headband
Upcycled T-Shirt Headband

Get more use out of a favorite old T-shirt by turning it into a headband to keep hair out of your face for summer gardening.

Washer Necklace

In less than 10 minutes, turn tool-box leftovers into an instant piece of jewelry.

Easy DIY Memo Board

In just minutes, you can customize a station to display household treasures or keep track of important paperwork.

Handcrafted Rustic Wire Basket

Employ these simple, homemade baskets throughout the year to collect your harvest, gather eggs or do do numerous other homestead tasks.

DIY macrame vase
DIY Macramé Hanging Vase

Display your favorite cut flowers or potted plants using this simple hanging vase.

Pillowcase tote
Upcycled Pillowcase Tote

Make space in your linen closet by sewing these simple totes from unused or vintage pillow cases for gifts or to sell.

Christmas ornament
Stitched Tree-Stump Ornaments

Capture memories of the holiday season by creating annual ornaments from the stump of your live Christmas tree.

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