Ernest J. Martin
Fighting Homelessness with Sustainability

Courtesy Institute for Human Services Hawaii As part of the urban farming initiative at the Institute for Human Services Hawaii, residents grow vertical gardens, which provide food for the emergency shelter and help lower the building’s cooling costs. The state of Hawaii depends significantly on imported foods, due in large part to the high property […]

Gardens Transform Urban Living

This statement by Eve Mosher, a New York-based artist, referring to urban agriculture was the unifying theme of a panelist discussion at The New School’s Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery in New York last week. As a part of “Living Concrete/Carrot City,” a Ryerson University and New School collaborative series of discussions and exhibitions aimed at […]

Toronto University Offers Urban Ag Courses

Courtesy RUAF In the Urban Agriculture course on policy-making at Ryerson University, students will review a case study about urban agriculture in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The United Nations Development Program estimates there are 800 million residents worldwide who participate in urban agriculture. In developing countries, urban farming is an important survival technique that provides families […]

Horticulture Honoree Encourages Young Gardeners

Courtesy Tom Savio The Southern California Horticulurist Society will honor Yvonne Savio in September for her influence on Los Angeles’ gardening community. Once a year, the Southern California Horticulturist Society, a forum founded in 1937 to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise within the fields of gardening and botany, deems one exceptional individual to […]

Detroit Urban Farmers Travel to South Africa

Courtesy Mascha Poppenk The Catherine Ferguson Academy for teenage mothers integrates an urban farm into its curriculum. Six students travelled to South Africa to teach other young entrepreneurs about urban farming and how to build a greenhouse. “Sowing seeds of success,” Asenath Andrews proudly says, “is our slogan.” Andrews is the residing principal of […]

Energy-efficient Homes (Version 3.0)

The EPA updated the guidelines for Energy Star-certified homes. The guidelines, which will take effect in 2012, include new guidelines for thermal home-enclosure systems. We’ve all seen that blue-scribbled star beacon of sustainability. Shopping around for a new air conditioner or refrigerator is always met with an “Oh, think of the electric bill savings!” when […]