Texas longhorn cattle cows breed
Breed Profile: Texas Longhorn Cattle

More than just living lawn ornaments, Texas Longhorn cattle bring a variety of virtues and products to the pasture (and they look amazing, too).

Highland cattle
Breed Profile: Get To Know Highland Cattle

The oldest registered breed of cattle, Highland cattle are versatile livestock with exceptional browsing abilities, distinctive beef yields and a calm disposition.

Idaho pasture pig pigs IPP
Breed Profile: Meet The Idaho Pasture Pig

First offered as breeding stock in 2012, the Idaho Pasture Pig matures at a compact size and was bred to graze, rather than root, when kept on pasture.

Araucana chicken colored eggs
Breed Profile: Meet The Araucana Chicken

Other chickens that lay blue eggs are often misidentified by the name, but the Araucana is a rare and distinct breed with its own collection of traits.