sheep bottle jaw barber pole worms
Bottle Jaw In Sheep: What Does it Mean? 

A sheep’s swollen jaw can mean barber pole worm infection, or the cause could be something else. Here are some possibilities, as well as what you can do.

lambs lamb sheep wean weaning
When Is The Best Time For Weaning Lambs?

When is the right time for weaning lambs? The answer depends a lot on your farm conditions and what you, as a shepherd, can do to keep stress low.

sheep wool garden
Sheep Wool Has A Place In The Garden

While sheep themselves may not be welcome among planted rows, their wool makes an excellent addition to the garden as mulch, fertilizer and more!

sheep kelp ewe lamb
Should You Feed Your Sheep Kelp Meal?

The official science may still be out on feeding sheep kelp, but anecdotal evidence supports supplementing a flock’s diet for overall benefits.

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