Landmark Green Upgrade

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock The Empire State Building is leading the way toward eco-friendly retrofitting among large buildings. The Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York, and is on its way to becoming one of the most eco-friendly.A $20 million sustainability retrofit was launched in 2009 to help the iconic landmark reduce its energy consumption. […]

Eat Local Challenges

Eat Local Challenges – Urban Farm Onlinefarmers market, eat local, national cooperative grocer association, co-opThe National Cooperative Grocer’s Association wants America to eat localEat Local, America! gives people a chance to introduce newbies to the local food movement in a fun, engaging way, and also to challenge local food lovers to get creative.newsEat Local ChallengesThe […]

Businesses Commit to Going Green

Courtesy Clif Bar As part of its sustainability initiative, Clif Bar gives employees $500 to put toward their commuter-bike purchases. At a time when green-washing is rampant, it can be difficult to know which companies are working to minimize their eco impact and which ones are only pretending to do their part. Skepticism is on […]

From Seed to Soda Bottle

Courtesy The Coca-Cola Company Many companies are using plant-based packaging for their products, including The Coca-Cola Company, which created the PlantBottle. Cruise the grocery aisle and many products you’re familiar with might appear to be the same tried-and-true products you’ve always known. Chances are good, though, that their packaging has gotten a makeover. Manufacturers of […]

Urban Farmers Fight Legal Hurdles

Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock In attempts to grow foods locally, some urban farmers have violated local laws. While aphids are raiding gardens for a taste of the tomatoes, city officials are conducting raids of their own, handing out fines to urban farmers for breaking the law. Yep, growing tomatoes—or any food crops—is illegal in some municipalities. Certain […]

Where’s Your Water Source?

The majority of Americans don’t think about how water reaches their faucet. Water comes from the tap, right? A surprising number of Americans seem to think so, according to the results of a new poll conducted by The Nature Conservancy. In March, independent researchers polled 961 Americans over the age of 18 and reported that […]

Residents Compete to Reduce CO2

Residents Compete to Reduce CO2 – Urban Farm OnlineResidents Compete to Reduce CO2A competition to save energy has one Michigan town measuring its greenhouse-gas emissions.A competition to save energy has one Michigan town measuring its greenhouse-gas emissions.greenhouse-gas emissions, CO2 emissions, Ann Arbor, Energy Challenge, household emissions, energyBy Jodi HelmerMarch 11, 2011 Courtesy Greenovation.TV Ann Arbor, […]

South L.A. Fights Food Deserts

Courtesy Steve Mason/Photodisc/Thinkstock In order to fight food deserts and make room for healthy food options, South Los Angeles now limits the building of new fast-food restaurants. There’s no shortage of fast-food restaurants in South City of Angels. On the contrary: The City Council estimates that there are close to 1,000 fast-food restaurants in a […]

NYC Community Gardens Hit the Map

Courtesy At, New Yorkers can search for community gardens based on specific criteria they’re looking for. Searching for a community garden in SoHo with a composting program, fruit trees and a partnership with local schools? There’s a map for that. A brand-new online map,, launched in December 2010, to allow users to […]

Collaborating in the Name of Food

Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock Four national agencies collaborated to create the Principles of a Healthy, Sustainable Food System, a shared platform for creating sustainable food systems. Just as a healthy diet requires a mix of different food groups, a healthy food system requires a mix of different organizations. In 2009, national leaders from four agencies—the American Planning […]

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