waiting for eggs
The Egg Waiting Game

Still waiting on your pullets’ first eggs? Here’s the scoop on the first-season laying habits of new hens.

holding chicks
How To Handle Chicks

Nurture a docile flock by interacting with your chicks from an early age.

7 Reasons To Choose Ducks Over Chickens

  Lisa Steele Backyard chickens are all the rage nowadays in rural and urban areas alike. Many towns and even cities are changing their laws to allow a small flock of chickens, but why not consider a few ducks instead? Ducks might actually make more sense for your family and be easier on your yard […]

Homemade Elderberry-Herb Cold Syrup

Don’t let a cold get the best of you this winter. Use this simple herbal syrup to prevent colds and help recover from them faster.

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