Rachel Porter

Title: Hobby Farmer & Writer

Location: Oklahoma

Expertise: Sheep/Homesteading

Rachel Porter lives in Oklahoma on a 17-acre hobby farm with her husband and three sons. The Porters tend to their market Blackberry Bramble, grow vegetables, berries and flowers in their gardens and raise rare breeds of sheep, chickens, goats and LGDs. Rachel loves spending time in her gardens, zen pens (AKA sheep pens) and adventuring on ATVS. Her farm is known as Porter Valley Ranch and can be found sharing hobby farm information, DIY projects and husbandry practices on their YouTube channel and socials.


  • Rachel is also a classical dancer.
  • She produces content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, their blog, and various other publications.


Rachel has 17 acre property which she is using as a functioning farm for goats, sheep, chicken and produce.


Rachel received her degree in public relations.

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