Rachel Tayse

Title: Urban Farmer and Writer

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Expertise: Urban Farming

Rachel Tayse is an urban farmer in Columbus, Ohio. Her 2-acre homestead includes permaculture gardens, backyard chickens, an organic vegetable plot and honeybees. Rachel practices land-sharing, alternative education and mindfulness to bring the restorative power of real food to the broader world.


Rachel's farming experience includes eight years as an organic farmer seller at central Ohio farmers markets, and three years of solo operating a small-scale seedling and produce farm. As an educator, Rachel has facilitated courses on sustainable agriculture topics such as farm planning, seed starting, grant funding, and farmer wellness for groups of all ages and sizes since 2010. Rachel has worked for the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) and Produce Perks Midwest in sustainable food system roles.

Other Work:

  • Rachel collaborated with regional, state-wide, and national organizations on a variety of private and public-funded projects, including writing and receiving grants from the United States Department of Agriculture, the North-Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, and Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
  • Rachel currently serves on the Ohio Nutrition Incentive Network and advises several farmer social support research projects.

Recent Articles:

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