Jail Time Threatens Chicken Owners

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Urban chicken keepers across the country face penalties for not complying with confusing city ordinances. It’s not surprising that urban chicken owners have been the first to run headlong into city laws and ordinances that not only restrict or prohibit keeping hens, but also serve up hefty fines for doing so. While animal […]

School to Train New York Farmers

Courtesy Just Food Farm School NYC will utilize urban farms around the city as classrooms for hands-on agricultural instruction. Country farming and city farming are like two sides of the same coin: Both involve raising plants and animals for food and require similar expertise in horticulture and animal husbandry. But in contrast to their country […]

Keep Backyard Flocks Salmonella-free

Courtesy Stock.XCHANG/ Robert Mich Keep your backyard flock free from salmonella by taking biosecurity precautions. The caged chicken versus free-range chicken debate seems to rage on even in light of the more than 500 million eggs recalled in recent weeks. Most in the egg industry still insist that raising hens in battery cages is actually […]

Mobile Processing for Backyard Chickens

Courtesy Cornerstone Farm Ventures Cornerstone Farm Ventures created the “Mini Mobile Processing Unit,” a smaller, less expensive mobile slaughtering unit. One of the consequences of the consolidation of food production in the United States is the dramatic decline in the number of slaughterhouses.  According to the USDA, the number of USDA- or state-inspected slaughterhouses has […]