beeswax salve
Use Beeswax to Make Salves and Balms

Here’s how to mix herb-infused oils with beeswax to make salves and lip balm that keep your skin moist and offer other healing properties.

7 Materials For Your Patio Garden
7 Materials For Your Patio Garden

InĀ patio gardens, theĀ containerā€™s material affects how you prepare it for planting, watering and winterizing. Regardless of what your plantsā€™ container is made of, the most important feature is adequate drainage. A container plant without drainage allows water to pool, drowning the plant roots. If you find a container that you want to use for your […]

rosemary infused oil
3 Ways to Infuse Oil

Infuse oil with your favorite herbs using one of these three methods.

beeswax salve
How to Make Beeswax Salve

Create a soothing balm for burns, sore muscles and dry skin by applying medicinal oils to beeswax.

rain barrel garden gardening
How Do I Build a Rain Barrel?

By collecting rainwater in a rain barrel you can conserve natural resources and save money on your water bill.