Rick Gush
Romano Green Beans

Photo by Rick Gush Romano green beans are my favorite beans! I had never grown Romano green beans before I came to Italy, and the only ones I had eaten were, I realize now, horribly overcooked. Romano beans have a bit of mucilage like okra, but only a small amount. Unfortunately, overcooking is how to […]


The sweet nectar from elderberry plants is used in a popular liqueur in Italy.

White Asparagus

Photo by Rick Gush White asparagus is mostly grown in Germany, but I can find it here in Italy just fine. One of the things I love about the Internet is that it is full of lies, but it is also a great place to do research. So good, that I’ve gotten rid of all […]

Crop Profile: Hanging Summer Squash

Because of the many different ways Italian summer squash, or trumpets, can be grown, it has become one of my favorite crops.

Black Kale

Kale’s dark-green leaves are nutrition-dense and easy-to-grow, even out here in Italy.