Cycle Farm
Q&A With Cycle Farm

Bicycles and growing cycles—everything’s a-spinning to keep this small-scale farm in business.

Q&A With Steel City Grazers

Goats for hire! If out-of-control vegetation has got your goat, then Steel City Grazers is here to help.

tiny house in Pittsburg
Pittsburgh Goes Tiny!

Urban planners turn to tiny homes to provide affordable housing options to Pittsburgh’s inner city.

Fleet Farming is an urban gardening project in Orlando, Fla.
Q&A With Fleet Farming

Orlando’s bike-powered urban farming community combines bicycles and teamwork to fuel new edible gardens around the city.

Rent The Chicken
Q&A With Rent The Chicken

Still scratching your head over whether the chicken or the egg came first? For “Rent The Chicken,” the answer is simple: the chicken.

tiny house
4 Sustainable Ideas From An Interior Design Guru

Urban farmers are experts at using small outdoor spaces for maximum food production—but what about small indoor spaces? This Portland-based interior designer shares her sustainable style.

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