Moving the Magnolia

If you picked up a copy of the July/August 2014 issue of Hobby Farm Home, you likely saw my editor’s note explaining some of the outdoor tasks being tackled around the farm, including moving the large, semi-mature magnolia tree located just inches from the corner of the house.

Quick Craft: Button Boot Tray

Keep your home clean by having your family drop their muddy and wet shoes off on this door-side tray.

Getting the Hang of It

With insulation in place, it’s finally time to make our house feel more like a home—and I can’t think of any better way to do that (at least at this point in the project) than to hang some drywall!

Avast! Insulation is Complete!

Arrrggghhh! I’ve been waiting for a chance to use some pirate-ease on this blog. Because I can’t wait until Talk Like a Pirate Day, which only comes around once a year, I figured I’d jump at the chance now. I know, I know … you’re still scratching your head. Wait for it.

Going Underground

Despite our farmhouse expansion plans, the locations of the pole and the electrical feed at the corner of the house made it next to impossible to raise the line to a safe height. Rather than risk an unpleasant tangle with the backhoe, we opted to lower the line.

Take Cover

One of the biggest challenges in home renovations—and building in general—is the weather.

Salvaging House Materials

I’ve already mentioned that as we’re revamping our farmhouse, we’re doing our best to salvage and reuse materials, such as wall studs, baseboards and doors, from the original structure whenever possible.

Geothermal Blooper: Some Geyser Action

When it comes to construction, particularly remodels, surprises are part and parcel. That said, nothing could prepare me for a geyser in my front yard.

An Eye on Value

Do you remember when I made mention of a “future” upstairs. Well, it’s no longer a phase to be completed at our leisure.

Walled Up

Expanding the floor plan on our farmhouse offered more than its fair share of challenges. One such challenge was tying the existing walls of the original structure into the new walls of the expansion.

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