beet ginger kvass
Recipe: Fermented Gingery Beet Kvass

This fermented beet kvass recipe, a twist on the traditional Russian rye bread beverage, makes a healthy, digestion-friendly drink from the common garden crop.

fermented strawberry chutney recipe
Recipe: Fermented Strawberry Chutney

A sweet and savory fermented condiment sure to jazz up a wealth of dishes, this strawberry chutney is as easy to make as it is delicious.

fermented asparagus fresh
Recipe: Fermented Asparagus Pickles

Whether eaten straight out of the jar or used in place of dill pickles, fermented asparagus is a garlicky, dilly treat that makes use of a garden harvest.

preserved lemons
Recipe: Easy Preserved Lemons

Got lemons (or a citrus hookup)? Try this recipe for easy preserved lemons to keep the season going into the coming months.