Sue Weaver
Rare Meats to Raise

If you want to expand from the tradition beef, chicken or pork on your farm, consider raising these other meat animals and poultry.

Hair sheep
Hair Sheep: No Wooling Around

Ideally suited for small-farm production, easy-care hair-sheep breeds have come a long way from their beginnings 10,000 years ago.

Tools for Tight Spaces

Equipment for making hay, doing general farm work and managing manure are available for even the smallest farms.

How to Build a Great Small Farm Website

Make your farm—and farm-related businesses more accessible—learn how to build a website for your farm. From your content to your font, we have helpful tips.

Dairy Goat Information Chart

You love the idea of raising dairy goats for milk, breeding or pleasure. For the best dairy goat breeds and all the details, download this information chart.

Make Mine Mules

If you live to ride and like to stand out in a crowd, try a mule! For riding or for your hobby farm, mules can do anything horses can do (and often better).

Canning Fruits and Vegetables

Canning methods have changed dramatically in recent years. Read our article including canning instructions for canning fruits and vegetables. Learn how to safely preserve your harvest.

Apples of Antiquity

Whether they’re called heirloom, heritage or historical, these time-honored apples of yesteryear are staging a dramatic comeback in orchards all over the world, and rightfully so.