Backyard Chickens 101: Growing Good Episode 71

Learn How to Get Started Chicken Keeping

by Allison Lemons
PHOTO: Plymouth Barred Rock by Lugostock

Backyard chickens, from breeds to chicken coop placement and more, are fair game topics in this Hobby Farms Growing Good podcast with Holly Callahan-Kasmala and Chrisie DiCarlo, the Chicken Ladies.


Why a Backyard Chicken Podcast?

Holly and Chrisie, best friends of 40+ years, explain how they got started chicken keeping and started their Coffee with the Chicken Ladies podcast. “That’s what we’re here for, to help chickens and the people that have chickens,” they said in explaining why it’s important to them to share their experience with and educate others about poultry.

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What’s in Your Chicken Coop?

The Chicken Ladies share the impressive list of heritage chicken breeds they keep on their farms and why. With more than 60 chickens between them, they talk about what to do with all these eggs — listen to the end for Holly’s and Chrisie’s favorite egg-based dishes — and the difference between backyard eggs and industrial eggs. Learn about the greens and herbs that Holly and Chrisie grow for their chickens, including a collard variety with an appropriate name for feeding to poultry.

Backyard Chickens On the Farm

Hear about Holly’s and Chrisie’s family farms, including why they took a 17-hour road trip to find of heritage breeds. Holly explains how she chose the location for the poultry runs, sheep fields and gardens on her farm. She tells us about her fiber arts and why it’s important for her to grow cotton and keep wool sheep now.

Chrisie explains that her experience with emergency veterinary care began with a toy doctor’s kit that she used to “take care of” all the neighborhood dogs as a kid and continued on into her career. She tells us about her three acres and what it was like to get started with just four chickens as a means of teaching her daughters about the responsibility and care of animals.

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