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February 4, 2011


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Use: The Beagle dog breed has high energy and great stamina, making it an excellent hunting dog for small game.


History: The Beagle probably descended from a cross between the Harrier and other hounds in 16th century England. The breed was used in packs to hunt small game, such as rabbit, hare, pheasant and quail. Its name is thought to have come from a Celtic word meaning “small” or a French word meaning “gape throat,” referring to the sound of its bark.


Conformation: The Beagle has a sturdy, square build. The breed comes in two varieties. One variety stands at 13 inches or less in height at the shoulder; the other stands at up to 15 inches. Its weight depends on its build and muscle tone. The Beagle has a close, hard coat that comes in bicolor or tricolor combinations: black, tan and white; red and white; or pale tan and white. Its feet and the tip of its tail are usually white.


Special Considerations/Notes: The Beagle dog breed’s life expectancy is 12 to 13 years. Obesity is a problem in this breed.

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