Beat the Heat … Help Stop Global Warming

Read Cherie Langlois' thoughts on global warming. Consider her five steps to help beat the heat and keep the earth cool.

by Dani Yokhna

Cherie Langlois Hanging Laundry
© Cherie Langlois
One thing we’re trying to do to reduce our carbon footprint is hang the laundry out to dry more often! ~ CL

As a passionate lover of the outdoors, I enjoy sunny, warm weather as much as the next person, especially after a soggy, Puget Sound winter and spring.

About a week ago, however, we experienced some record-breaking July heat here in Western Washington, with temperatures soaring into the upper 90s — 15 to 20 degrees above normal (please don’t laugh you folks in Nevada or Arizona – that’s really hot for us coastal Washingtonians ).

Now I’m wondering what August has in store for us, given the global warming situation. 

Many of us here don’t have air-conditioning in our homes, and even if we did, my livestock wouldn’t have any AC to keep them cool and comfy.  I’m picturing the whole lot of us succumbing to heat stroke, vultures circling like in those old westerns.

Kelsy Holding Home-grown Broccoli
© Cherie Langlois
My daughter Kelsey holds a giant broccoli we grew in our garden ~ CL

I’m looking for ways to beat the heat–and slow the warming.

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Yeah, I’m a believer in human-caused global warming.  I’ve seen it in action: hummingbirds returning earlier each year, glaciers melting, cloudless Costa Rican cloud forest and more. 

I’m terrible at arguing politics; instead I’d like to share five steps we’re taking to try and reduce our carbon footprint on the farm.  Take them or leave them.

  1. Switch over to fluorescent light bulbs.
  2. Hang the laundry out to dry more often.
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle – more!
  4. Grow more of our own food organically.
  5. Drive less (especially my gas-guzzling truck!)

Who knows?  If we all pitch in and change our habits just a little, maybe we can beat the heat.

~ Cherie

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