Best Farm Birthday Cake Images

Cake decorators, get your icing ready. These farm cakes will inspire you to tackle your next birthday celebration.

by Dani Yokhna

Pictures Of Our Favorite Farm Birthday Cakes
Zoe Lukas/Flickr

The farm is more than a place where we live and work—it’s a way of life that’s in our blood and something we can’t help but to want to celebrate. This fascination with the farmland starts at an early age—just talk to a 2- or 3-year-old who wants a farm-themed birthday party.

And yes, the accompanying farm birthday cake is the most important part. Farm cakes are a hit with people young and old, but are of particular fascination to the toddlers in our lives. It’s pretty much a rite of passage to celebrate a birthday with cowboy hats, bandanas, horse rides, and a cake topped with a barn and all the sheep, pigs, chickens and cows that live in it.

Farm birthday cakes have sure upped their game since I was a child—eh, we won’t say how long ago—when cakes were topped with simple buttercream frosting and perhaps a toy cow and barn if you wanted to get real fancy with décor. Today, cake artists wielding fondant of all colors have come up with some truly amazing farm-cake masterpieces, as well as other talented bakers who have branched out of the simple sheet cake to tiered cakes, cupcakes and cake pops infused with imagination and creativity.

Here are our favorite farm birthday cake images—both homemade and professionally baked and decorated—from across the web and from you, our readers. Take a gander, and maybe they’ll inspire your next farm birthday celebration.

Tractor Cakes

Whatever color tractor you give allegiance to, you’ll love to incorporate them into cakes like this.

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Check out the details on this farm cake that gives a nod to two of our favorite good bugs: bumblebees and ladybugs.

John Deere Birthday Cake
TN Something Special Cakes/Flickr

This cake is perfectly suited to a John Deere fan—and we’re guessing the birthday boy is one. According to the cake maker “The dirt was crushed Oreo cookies. My hubby wanted our soil to look that rich …”

Tractor Cake With Toys From Tractor Supply
Dana Wilson/Facebook

This cake was created at the special request of Repps, who loves tractors. Not only did he get to enjoy the cake, he got to keep the farm-animal toys, which came from Tractor Supply.

Birthday Cupcakes Shaped Into A Tractor
Laura Burkholder Rowlands/Facebook

Don’t think you have to have impeccable cake-decorating skills for the perfect farm cake. This resourceful baker frosted cupcakes and arranged them into the shape of a tractor.

Farm Birthday Cake For 13-Year-Old Volunteer
Evan Maietta/Facebook

A young volunteer on Evan Maietta’s farm received this tractor cake for his birthday.

DIY Farm Birthday Cake
Heidi Jo D. Zenner/Facebook

We love this cake that Hobby Farms reader Heidi decorated for her nephew. She made a “smash” cake, too.

Oh-So-Sweet Farm Cakes

These cakes are sweet—both in flavor and decorative appeal—and capture the simplicity of farm life in a picture-perfect way.

Love how this @merimeriparty inspired Farm cake turned out! ???? #peaceofcake #farmcake #moo

A photo posted by Mariana * Peaceofcake (@peaceofcakedesign) on

What a perfect centerpiece to a farm bash! We wouldn’t even want to cut into it.

Fondant-covered Farm Birthday Cake
Nichole Tristram/Flickr

This sweet cake decorated in pastel fondant is perfect for any farm youngster. The detail of the farm pond and pig wallow make this farm birthday cake extra special. The cake itself—which definitely shouldn’t be overlooked—is orange and poppyseed. Yum!

1-Year-Old's Birthday Cake with Cow and Duck
Zoe Lukas/Flickr

Gravana is turning 1-year-old in style with this fondant-decorated farm birthday cake, complete with polka dots and beaded trim.

Cloud 9 Farm Scene On Cake
icing on the cake (Jo)/Flickr

We hope this birthday boy is on cloud nine!

Farm Cakes Infused With Creativity

These farm cakes get a blue ribbon for the ingenuity used in their design and decoration. 

Customized cake for Shay.., thanks Bhabes.. #customizedcakes #sweetocakesionsbydm #fondantcake #redvelvetcake #fondanttoppers #farmcake

A photo posted by Sweet o-CAKE-sions By Dianne (@sweetocakesionsbydm) on

The farm family plays a starring role in this intricately decorated cake.

Tractor Cake With Rice Crispies As Dirt
Gabrielle Ludlow/Flickr

This cake takes on a whole new dimension, and we can’t help but praise the creativity in decoration ingredients. Are those chocolate Rice Krispies used as the soil? This cake was lovingly sculpted by the 3-year-old birthday boy’s mother, and she did a great job!

Farm Cake Pops and Cupcakes

Cake pops and cupcakes have a place in a farm birthday celebration, too. Make the treats the centerpiece of the party while giving tiny hands easy access by presenting them in a tiered fashion, like Tina from Top of the Cupcake did. The barn at top of the tier is a fondant-covered chocolate cake and the animal cake pops are vanilla. In the cake-decorating process, Tina ran into a snafu with the fondant, but saved the party theme with this ingenuity:

“I was rushing to get the cake done as I was running late for dinner … I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally rolled the fondant out too thin, and when I went to cover the cake, the fondant kept tearing and cracks were appearing everywhere! The more cracks that appeared, the more frustrated I got! It got to the point where I just stormed out of the kitchen in a huff and went to dinner. I nearly did a Lonely Island and ‘threw it on ground.’ When I got home, I decided not to start the cake from scratch, but instead covered the dodgy fondant work with decorations such as the red barn, grass and trees.”

All-Chocolate Pig Cake
Kristy Wright/Facebook

This cake is a chocolate-lover’s delight! All the ingredients, including the piggies, are made of chocolate:

  • chocolate cake 
  • chocolate buttercream frosting
  • chocolate Kit-Kat bars for the fencing

Horse-Shoe Shaped Farm Cake
Nelia Fernandes/Facebook

This cake is intended to be a horseshoe cake, but Nelia says her friends joked that with some changes in the decorating, it could be a toilet-seat cake. To each their own …

Cakes Where Farm Animals Rule

Who let the horse—and the cow and the pigs and the chickens—out of the barn? These cake decorators sure did!

We wish Emma Kay a happy birthday! What a lucky girl, she has farm cookies to match her farm birthday cake!

Finn's 2nd Birthday Cake
Ayca Wilson/Flickr

We love this farm birthday cake by Mandalina Bakery in Farnborough, Hampshire, U.K., because it’s simple and sweet—and something that grown-up Finn will totally regret having slathered over his 2-year-old face.


A photo posted by Jesse’s cakes (@jessescakes) on

This tiered cake would get tons of gasps and giggles—the farm animals are getting quite cozy.

Farm Animal Birthday Cake

The pigs get a soaring view on Colton’s Farm, and of course, the scene wouldn’t be complete without a cow and chicken.

Heaven help us if we ever find a caterpillar that large on our own farms!

Cow Cake
Rebecca Christiansen/Facebook

Any cattle lovers in the crowd? This cow cake is moo-valous.

Chicken Cake

Danielle’s husband made her this incredible 3-D chicken cake. Our question is: How much is cake and how much is frosting?

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