Birdbath Leaves

Use one of these six big leaves to create a simple, sand-cast birdbath in your yard or garden.

by Dani YokhnaJuly 2, 2009

Photos by Rhoda Peacher

Photos: Web Exclusive!

In her article, Leaves of Green, Kelly Wood suggests:
“Identify interesting leaves around your yard or neighborhood. The bigger the better. Look especially for dramatic shapes and vein patterns. Tropical plants perform well in this way. We used sunflower leaves, a hosta, rhubarb and a tropical ‘dinosaur-leafed plant’ that I could never identify. I also made a few smaller casts from some nice nasturtium leaves, but their veining is fairly subtle. Note: Don’t pick the leaves yet!”
(For instructions on creating a sand-cast birdbath using these leaves, read Kelly’s entire article in Sept/Oct Hobby Farm Home or click here to view the article online)









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