Black Copper Marans & Purple Speckled Eggs Abound At May Blooms Acreage

May Blooms Acreage founder Vanessa Takmazian tells us how she's fulfilled her lifelong farming dreams at the British Columbia-based organic venture.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: May Blooms Acreage

For as far back as Vanessa Takmazian can remember, she always wanted to start her own farm. Growing up in a farming community, she quickly developed an admiration for the work effort involved in the lifestyle.

“I knew I’d want that in my life one day. Since then it’s been decision after decision to get me there,” says Takmazian. She now runs May Blooms Acreage, an organic poultry-focused farm situated in British Columbia.

“This is it for me.”

We spoke to Takmazian about the appeal of Black Copper Marans and purple speckled eggs. We also got into how regenerative farming methods work their way into May Blooms Acreage.

Connecting with Poultry


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Originally, May Blooms Acreage began as a way to provide farm fresh eggs for Takmazian’s family and friends.

“I [bought] local eggs and felt a connection to wanting to take that on myself,” she explains. “Then the rainbow began, and eggs would never be the same.” Then she started thinking about the meat she and her family enjoyed.

“I realized I had to focus on both eggs and meat. Providing both for my family was something that quickly became a passion. It has grown and evolved from there.”

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Spotlighting the Black Copper Maran

The Black Copper Maran breed of chicken has become the star attraction at May Blooms Acreage. “Truly, they are the breed I most adore. And it is all because of how gentle they are, specifically the roosters,” says Takmazian. She describes their personality as being gentle, docile and loyal.

“The chocolate egg was what made me purchase them,” she adds. “But the roosters are what made me want to breed them and showcase them.”

Highlighting Egg Colors

When it comes to the vibrant array of egg colors that you’ll find being produced at May Blooms Acreage, Takmazian says that her personal favorites change all the time.

“Some days it’s a pure white egg that will make me marvel. Other days it’s a rich, dark olive with purple speckles,” she explains. “Sometimes a calcium-speckled galaxy egg, a thick pink bloom on a chocolate base. It’s endless!”

Takmazian adds that when it comes to customer preference, olive-colored eggs rule.

Regenerative Farming Methods

“Every day, I am conscious of how what I do today will benefit my land in the future,” says Takmazian, addressing how May Blooms Acreage incorporates regenerative practices into the farm. “From mulching around trees to replanting new seedlings to replace rotten old growth.”

Takmazian says that this year she’s focusing on compost and bringing pollinators back to her land.

“I want this to be a destination and home for all of nature’s creatures,” she says. “It’s been a blessing seeing robins landing on branches in our new orchard, ducklings fertilizing grasses as they graze [and] pastured chickens roaming and scratching and spreading seeds, giving back to the land as they go.”

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Becoming a Forever Student

Takmazian sums up the rewarding nature of running May Blooms Acreage by taking full ownership of “every choice, good or bad,” and finding appreciation in this.

“It’s a blessing to do what I do everyday,” she says, noting that “Mother Nature is a brilliant teacher—and I’m humbled to be a forever student.”

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