Bobcat® equipment has always been a mainstay on ranches, dairies and all kinds of rural operations, but Bobcat compact tractors are uniquely suited to the needs of property owners, bringing versatility that’s virtually endless – with power and ease of use that will help you master every acre. There are 15 models in all. With four kinds of transmissions and horsepower ranging from 21-58 hp, you’re sure to find a model that fits your lifestyle and your workstyle. Let’s take a look at what this lineup has to offer.

Sub-Compact Tractors (2 models, 21-25 hp)

Bobcat sub-compact tractors are perfect for a wide variety of light-duty tasks from mowing small clearings to maintaining driveways in every season. Their smaller size allows you to take your tractor’s maneuverable horsepower inside and around barns, sheds and beyond. Whether it’s mowing, property maintenance, loader work or other light duty tasks, your Bobcat sub-compact tractor will earn its keep.

2000 Platform Tractors (5 models, 25-40 hp)

These economical tractors don’t skimp when it comes to horsepower, and they are available with manual shift or hydrostatic transmissions. Manual transmissions are effective for traveling longer distances at a consistent speed. Hydrostatic transmissions allow fast and intuitive direction changes that prove valuable for loader work and maneuvering around buildings and trees. An open cab makes it easy to climb on and off the tractor as needed.

The 2500 tractor models bring all the benefits of the 2000 platform tractors with an independent or live PTO for more productivity with less fatigue. The 2500 models also include a deluxe cab for unbeatable comfort for working during hot summer days or frigid winters.

4000 Platform Tractors (4 models, 45-58 hp)

These heavy-duty work companions deliver rugged power and work efficiency for mowing, clearing overgrown fields, grading driveways or private roads, or clearing snow – all in an economical package. The 4000 platform tractors have high horsepower, extra weight and your choice of two transmission types allowing for work performance that’s perfectly matched to your property. The open cab is appealing for operators who frequently get on and off the tractor.

5000 Platform Tractors (4 models, 45-58 hp)

With added horsepower plus easy operation and ergonomic controls, these tractors are made to quickly finish tough groundskeeping tasks: mowing, brush clearing and more. Extra machine weight allows these tractors to excel with ground engaging implements such as discs, cultivators and plows. A factory installed deluxe cab allows you to work in maximum comfort, whether it’s blowing snow in frigid temperatures or spending hours working in high heat and humidity. The 5000 platform tractors include a premium 3-point hitch for owners who plan to use a variety of different implements to complete work around their property.

With Bobcat – and Bobcat compact tractors – there are endless ways to do it your way. Want to learn more? Visit to see individual models and features or sign up for emails.