Breed Profile: Get To Know Angora Goats!

Angora goats are an easy-keeping breed that produce copious fiber (enough for two annual shearings) and have only basic shelter requirements.

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Angora goats are considered the most efficient fiber producers in the world. Mohair grows 1 inch per month, and fleeces average between 5 to 10 pounds each. They produce fiber for two shearings per year (unlike sheep, which are shorn once).

Angora Goats Are an Easy-Keeping Breed

Quiet, docile and easy-going, Angoras are generally easy to keep. As seasonal fall breeders, they don’t possess the strong odors often associated with other goats.

Angora goats enjoy the company of others. Keeping at least two of these animals is always the best plan. Castrated bucks (wethers) produce the softest mohair for a lifetime.

Angoras are typically respectful of their surroundings. A woven wire fence of at least 48 inches in height is standard. Treacherous terrain full of thorny plants poses no challenge for this breed. Rocks and boulders are rather seen as opportunities to play and reach for tree limbs.

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Shelter Requirements

Shelter requirement for Angora goats are minimal. A simple lean-to roof on higher ground often fulfills a shelter. This offers a place to get out from the weather.

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However, solid walls to block cold winds, especially after shearing, will be essential.

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This article originally appeared in the November/December 2022 issue of Hobby Farms magazine. Want to meet more animals suited to small and hobby farms? Click here for more livestock and poultry breed content!

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