Breed Profile: Get To Know Angora Goats!

Angora goats are an easy-keeping breed that produce copious fiber (enough for two annual shearings) and have only basic shelter requirements.

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Best Breeds, General Rules

These breeds make great livestock guardian dogs, though you need to follow a few important rules to make full use of these working dogs.

Honeybees Often Need Winter Help To Sustain Hive Health

Though "natural" is always a good goal, expect to help honeybees through the winter with supplemental feedings to sustain conditions not found in nature.

Consider A Heritage Breed Of Sheep For Your FarmĀ 

When choosing what sheep to raise, consider a heritage breed. You can meet your own livestock needs while also ensuring breed diversity.

Ducks Can Bring Real Value To The Backyard

Chickens are the standard egg layers, but ducks can bring distinct value to the backyard, too, in the form of eggs, pest control, entertainment and more!

Miniature Dairy Goats Are Perfect For Small Farms!

Miniature dairy goats can produce a lot of milk with lower space demands. Check out the mini-milking breeds that are perfect for small hobby farms!

Love My Livestock Breed: KuneKune Pigs

KuneKune pigs are gentle on the land and bring a calm disposition to the homestead. And their red, marbled meat is hard to beat!

Bantam Breeds Pack A Lot Into A Little

Bantam breeds are certainly cute little birds, but these chickens carry their own weight in delicious eggs and meat, and incomparable companionship.

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