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Breed Profile: Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Also known as Teddy Bear sheep with a smile, Babydoll Southdown sheep are an adorable, docile and versatile breed that fits in well on many farms.

Quiet Chickens? These Breeds Are Great For Backyards

If you live in an urban or suburban homestead, consider giving some of these quiet breeds a try (or maybe your neighbors will want you to!).

Breed Profile: Get To Know St. Croix Hair Sheep

With a wealth of beneficial traits, including the most parasite resistance of all sheep, the St. Croix Hair Sheep is a recent and interesting breed.

The Combstead Urban Farm Embraces Life With Chickens

Mel Combs from the Idaho-based Combstead tells us all about the therapeutic benefits of being surrounded by poultry and working with family.

The Black Australorp Is A Chicken-Keeper’s Favorite

The Black Australorp chicken breed has a storied past, and its present popularity for numerous features promises a bright future.

The Rainbow Eggs Of South Wildwood Urban Homestead

Farm founder Stephanie Webb reveals all about how egg color genetics work, as well as why she loves getting rainbow eggs, at her Dallas-based venture.

Boston Microgreens Gets Creative With Tiny Greens

Boston Microgreens founder and co-owner Oliver Homberg tells us how experimenting with microgreens at home led to a business supplying local chefs.

Get Into The Micro-Farming Movement

Amy Stoss quit a teaching job to pursue some "dirt therapy." We spoke to her about bringing micro-farming and permaculture principles to the suburbs.

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