Sebright chicken

Sebright Bantam Chickens

The historical ornamental Sebright Bantam is studied by molecular biologists in hopes of creating a better understanding of the genome of chickens and how traits are passed on. Hens produce tiny white eggs, but they are non-broody and unreliable as layers.

Hamburg Chicken

Hamburg Chickens

The Hamburg chicken is a dependable layer but shy of people. Hens will lay an abundance of small white eggs year-round.

Holland Chickens

The rare Holland chicken is a wonderful dual-purpose breed that thrives in a free-range environment.

Houdan Chicken

Houdan Chickens

The Houdan chicken breed meets dual-purpose criteria as a great layer and table fowl. Hens are good layers of small white eggs, laying well into winter.

Iowa Blue Chickens

The nearly extinct Iowa Blue chicken breed has great dual-purpose qualities.

Japanese Bantam Chicken

Japanese Bantam Chickens

This extraordinary, ornamental Japanese Bantam chicken breed was originally favored by the aristocratic class of Japanese society as ornamental garden birds.

Lakenvelder chicken

Lakenvelder Chickens

The Lakenvelder chicken breed lays well, hens are non-broody setters of medium-sized porcelain-white eggs.

Lamona Chickens

The Lamona is an extremely rare dual-purpose chicken. Hens are recorded as laying as many as 268 large, white eggs per year.

Malay chicken

Malay Chickens

The ancient Malay is best suited to fanciers and breeders wishing to revive the lines of Oriental poultry.

Manx Rumpy Chickens

The dual-purpose Manx Rumpy earned its name during the 20th century, when a farmer saw a resemblance between the chicken breed and the tailless Manx cat.