Dorking Chicken

Dorking Chickens

The Dorking is an ancient, dual-purpose chicken breed that produces about three to four white eggs per week, even in winter.

Minorca chicken

Minorca Chickens

Minorca chickens are known as wonderful layers of large, chalky-white eggs.

Nankin chicken

Nankin Chickens

The Nankin is a bantam chicken breed used primarily as exhibition fowl, though the hens are decent layers of tiny, delectable, creamy-white eggs. The breed is very broody and excels as surrogate hatchers.

Sultan Chickens

The Sultan chicken breed is used for exhibition. They were once considered fine table chickens, but due to their scarcity, they’re rarely eaten nowadays.

welsummer chicken breed colored eggs

Welsummer Chickens

The standard dual-purpose Welsummer chicken breed is famous for its large, dark, terra-cotta-colored eggs that are often speckled with an even darker hue.

Chantecler Chicken

Chantecler Chickens

The Chantecler is a cold-hardy, dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed, especially treasured for its juicy, flavorful meat.

Yokohama chicken

Yokohama Chickens

The long-tailed Yokohama chicken breed is used for exhibition.

Barnevelder Chicken

Barnevelder Chickens

The striking Barnevelder chicken lays dark-brown eggs year-round and is a gentle addition to backyard flocks.

Crevecoeur Chicken

Crevecouer Chickens

The Crevecouer chicken breed is primarily used for exhibition, though it was originally developed for meat. Crevecouer hens are also respectable layers of medium-sized, white eggs.