Build A Vermicompost Bin

Learn to compost with worms with help from this video workshop.

Some call it the lazy man’s compost while other see it as a practical place for waste overflow. However you look at it, vermicomposting is a simple way to harvest nutritional compost for your garden bed.

The file box vermicompost bin is easy to construct. Take two identically shaped file boxes that stack inside one another. (You can find these at an office supply store.) Then drill dozens of small holes in the bottom and sides of the inside bin, making sure the holes are small enough to keep your worms from escaping.

Next, grab some starter soil, damp shredded paper and compost “greens” to add to the bin. Then add your red wiggler worms. (Be sure not to use regular earthworms—they will not survive in a bin environment.) The worms will take over the job from there.

Store your vermicompost bin somewhere discrete but easily accessible: Keeping the bin under the sink or in a closet works well. Then drop in fruit and vegetable scraps balanced with brown materials, like shredded paper. (For a more detailed list on what should and should not go into your vermicompost bin, watch the video above.)

In about six months, your compost will be ready to harvest and add to the garden. Better yet, you may find “compost tea” has drained from the inside bin into the outside bin. Add this to your garden as well for an extra nutritional boost.

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