Cabbage is an easy-to-grow, dependable vegetable that is useful for soups, slaws, stirfries and many ethnic dishes. Many different cabbage types and colors are available, making this vegetable as diverse as it is nutritious. Cover plants with floating row cover to deter cabbage worms, loopers and aphids.

Size: 10 to 12 inches

Sunlight requirements: Full sun (A minimum of four to six hours is ideal.)

Water requirements: About 1 inch per week—excessive water or delayed harvest may result in the heads splitting or cracking.

Soil requirements: Average, well-drained garden soil rich in organic matter. Optimum pH is 6.5.

When to plant: Transplant seedlings March through May so heads mature before hot weather arrives. Second plantings of autumn-maturing types can occur from late May through early July.

Where to plant: Garden (full-sized varieties); containers (miniature varieties)

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When to harvest: 50 to 70 days after seeding, when heads are firm. Delayed harvest may result in splitting.

Produce storage: Store spring-grown cabbage for 4 to 8 weeks in the refrigerator. Store late-season varieties in very high humidity just above freezing for several months.

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