Celebrate International Off-Road Day With Your ATV, UTV

Oct. 8 is International Off-Road Day, and we're celebrating with a roundup of helpful ATV or UTV articles from around HobbyFarms.com.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

Oct. 8 is International Off-Road Day, a day hobby farmers are definitely entitled to celebrate. Going off-road with an ATV or UTV is a regular occurrence for many farmers, who use sturdy off-road vehicles for a wide variety of tasks from fieldwork to harvesting firewood.

If you don’t yet have an off-road vehicle on your farm (or if you want to expand the usefulness of the one you have), read on. In celebration of International Off-Road Day, we’ve compiled a roundup of helpful articles from around HobbyFarms.com, including shopping tips, maintenance advice and ideas for projects the machines are well-suited to tackle.

Ideas for Using an ATV/UTV on Your Farm

Can’t Afford A Tractor? Use Your ATV/UTV To The Max 

If you don’t have the budget for a full-fledged tractor, ATVs and UTVs can fill in and handle tasks from hauling and towing to groundwork.

10 Uses For An ATV Or UTV On Your Farm

Even if you have a tractor, an off-road vehicle can still be the preferable tool for many smaller farming jobs. Here are 10 projects they’re ready to take on.

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Use Your ATV To Erect Farm Fencing

Have a lot of farm fences to build and maintain? A farm vehicle makes the job a lot easier.

Plow Snow With Your Lawn Mower Or ATV/UTV

If you live in an area that receives meaningful winter snowfall, consider using your off-road vehicle to plow snow and keep your farm navigable.

22 Attachments For Your ATV Or UTV

Accessories can dramatically expand the farming capabilities of an off-road vehicle. Here are 22 attachments to consider for your machine.

Guidance When Shopping for a Farm Vehicle

Keep These Tips In Mind When Buying An ATV Or UTV

Should you buy an off-road vehicle? And what features do you need? From buying advice to safety tips and maintenance advice, this article digs deep.

7 Things To Consider When Buying A UTV

If you’ve decided you want to invest in a new farm vehicle, we’ve outlined seven things to ponder when shopping.

4 Features To Consider In An ATV/UTV Cargo Bed

The cargo bed is a feature you’ll use constantly for farm jobs. Wondering what features to look for in a good cargo bed? We’ve got you covered.

Exploring The Benefits Of An Electric UTV

Gas and diesel off-road vehicles are ideal for heavy-duty projects where power is paramount. But electric machines offer benefits (including reduced noise and maintenance) for lighter-duty work.

ATV & UTV Maintenance

Keep Your Farm ATV Alive With These Maintenance Tips

Take care of your ATV, and it will take care of your farm. Wondering where to begin? These maintenance tips are a good place to start.

ATV & UTV Maintenance

Maintenance is so important, we’ve had multiple authors tackle the topic. From cables and tires to spark plugs and filters, this article covers a bunch of areas that need your attention.

5 Enhancements To Make To Your ATV Or UTV This Winter

Planning to use your off-road vehicle in winter, perhaps for plowing snow? These five accessories will help your machine perform to its best in winter weather.

13 Steps To Prepare Your ATV Or UTV For Spring

Once winter is over, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle for spring. Here are 13 steps to take.

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