Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day By Planting Apple Trees

If you want to plant apple trees in celebration of Johnny Appleseed Day, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of informative articles on the topic.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

It seems no one can exactly agree on the date of “Johnny Appleseed Day.” Some folks favor Sept. 26, the birth date of the fabled nurseryman named John Chapman—best known as Johnny Appleseed. Others prefer March 11, a date better suited (depending on where you live) to planting apple trees.

Whether you prefer the March or September date, Johnny Appleseed Day is worth celebrating. If you want to plant an apple tree (or two or 10) in celebration of the holiday, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of informative articles about planting, growing and harvesting apples:


How to Plant an Orchard of Fruit or Nut Trees: How do you go about planting an orchard? This in-depth article covers a lot of ground.

You Can Have Fruit and Nut Orchards in Cold Regions: That’s right—cold winters won’t stop you from growing apple trees. You just have to choose suitable varieties and take care where you plant them, as this article outlines.

Tree Planting & Care (From “Apples of North America”): Take a pictorial journey through the process of planting an apple tree with this excerpt from the book “Apples of North America: A Celebration of Exceptional Varieties,” by Tom Burford.

Check Your Soil Drainage Before Planting Fruit Trees: Waterlogged ground isn’t ideal for apple trees. But not every soil is quick to drain, as this article illustrates. Fortunately, there can be creative solutions.

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You Should Use Graph Paper When Planning Your Orchard: It can be hard to picture the mature size of apple trees when you’re planting them as seedlings or saplings. Use graph paper to ensure you space your trees properly so they have room to grow.

How to Grow Apples in Tight Spaces: If you don’t have a lot of room for growing full-sized apple trees, take advantage of the space savings offered by columnar apple trees.


How to Prune and Rejuvenate Fruit Trees in an Old Orchard: Maybe you’re planning to rejuvenate an old orchard rather than plant a new one. This article guides you through the process.

6 Tools You Need for Pruning Fruit Trees: Pruning is an important care step for apple trees both young and old. These six tools will help you perform the job properly.

Which Pruning Style Does Your Fruit Tree Need?: There are several different ways to prune apple trees. This article explores three of the most common approaches.

15 Fruit Tree Pruning Tips: This quick list highlights important tips to keep in mind when pruning apple trees.

A Fruit Tree Pruning Primer: For a more in-depth look at the process of pruning apple trees, check out this fruit tree pruning primer.

Fruit Trees Overproducing? These Tips Can Help: It’s tempting to let apple trees grow as many apples as they want, but growing too many apples can break branches. These tips will help protect your trees.

Repair Broken Fruit Tree Branches Yourself: If an apple tree branch does break, you may be able to save it with this supportive technique.

Build a Simple Fence to Protect Fruit Trees From Deer: Are deer munching away on your apple trees? Protect trees by enclosing them inside simple welded wire fences.


How to Pick Apples the Correct Way: Want to pick apples without damaging the spur branches that produce fruit? This article (and accompanying video) explains the best approach.

4 Tools for You Need for Picking Apples: From apple baskets to a refrigerator and/or freezer, these four tools will help you harvest and enjoy your apples.

5 Tools for Harvesting Hard-to-Reach Apples: Someday, your apple trees may grow so tall it’s impossible for you to reach all the fruit by hand. These five tools will help you harvest the full extent of your crop.

Get a Leg Up On Apple Picking With an Orchard Ladder: An orchard ladder is different from other ladders. It’s specifically designed for use in orchards and is perfect for harvesting apples.

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