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The Popular Gardening® Series comes to you from the editors of Hobby Farms® Magazine

by Dani Yokhna
Popular Gardening Series - Vegetable Gardens, Spring EditionHobby Farms Presents®: Vegetable Gardens, Fall Edition™
If you haven’t tried late-season planting or you simply want to increase your knowledge about gardening, look no further. The fall edition of Vegetable Gardens focuses on all things autumn—what to plant, when to do it, ways to maximize your harvest, how to prepare your garden for winter and much more.


Popular Gardening Series - Vegetable Gardens, Spring EditionPopular Gardening®: Vegetable Gardens, Spring Edition™
As winter gives way to spring, the sunshine returns and the days grow warmer, heating the soil in your garden to a temperature that’s ideal for planting. Crisp peppers, juicy tomatoes, refreshing cucumbers, flavorful thyme … all can become a homegrown reality. Whether you’re a gardening greenhorn or a planting pro, this revised edition of Vegetable Gardens, which focuses on the spring growing season, provides an excellent starting point for planning and maintaining your herb and vegetable garden.


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Popular Gardening Series - Tasty TomatoesPopular Gardening®: Tasty Tomatoes™
Eat your vegetables—and your tomatoes! This command might lack the gravitas of a simpler phrase like “eat your veggies,” but it’s technically more accurate. The edible part of the tomato plant is, in fact, a fruit—the ovary of a flowering plant, which distinguishes it from a vegetable, typically the leaf, stem or root of a plan. We appreciate the tomato for qualities such as its tasty flavor, health benefits and beauty in and out of the garden—all of which are explained and embraced in Tasty Tomatoes, the fifth installment of the Popular Gardening Series.

Popular Gardening Series - Vegetable GardensPopular Gardening®: Vegetable Gardens™
You probably remember the first time you fell head-over-heels in love with vegetable gardening.  Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to make your own memories in the garden. Well, now’s your chance. Vegetable Gardens, the fourth issue in the Popular Gardening Series, is here to guide you through all of the aspects of developing a vegetable garden.

Popular Gardening Series - OrchardingPopular Gardening®: Orcharding®
Popular Gardening® Series: Orcharding has everything you need to know about starting a new orchard or restoring an old one. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles, Orcharding is a must-have for every gardener and farmer. It has recipes from apple cider to candy apples to apple preserves, as well as helpful and interesting information about growing fruits and nuts, maintaining healthy trees, caring for soil health, integrated pest management, organic certification and more.

Popular Gardening Series - Heirloom Farm & GardenPopular Gardening®: Heirloom Farm® & Garden
Before the advent of hybrid technology, farmers saved seeds for the next year’s garden and sprouted new plants each season. Seeds saved from generation to generation, known as “heirlooms,” are said to be seeds that have been saved for at least 50 years and grow true to their parents. Heirloom Farm & Garden has everything you need to know about returning your farm to its heirloom roots. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles, Heirloom Farm & Garden is a must-have for every gardener and farmer.

Popular Gardening Series - Organic Farm & GardenPopular Gardening®: Organic Farm® & Garden
“Organic” is the buzzword in the world of agriculture and food production these days. However, the principles behind organic farming are far from being new. In fact, organic is the way “things used to be” before industrial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides made their way into farming practices. Popular Gardening® Series’ Organic Farm & Garden has everything you need to know about returning your farm to its organic roots. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles, Organic Farm is a must-have for every gardener and farmer.

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