Check Out San Francisco’s Urban Goat Herd

These goats will come clean up your yard and give you some fertilizer in return.

by Cari Jorgensen
PHOTO: City Grazing/Facebook

When you think of goat herding, San Francisco is probably the last place that comes to mind. However, for Genevieve Church, general manager of City Grazing, it’s completely natural. City Grazing is located in the Bayview district and sits next to parent company Waste Solutions Group (WSG). There’s also everything you expect from a big city—trains, power plants, gravel, noise. And in this case there’s an 8-acre farm.

City Grazing provides the services of goats. Namely, if a property needs weeds, bushes or brush removed, the company is contacted and the goats are transported to remove them naturally. The goats’ waste also serves as compost for those interested in starting a garden. It’s an environmentally friendly way to serve the community, even though there may be some tough competition.

Church told Huffington Post, “Can we be competitive with the landscaping industry and still do what we do? Depends on the project. Depends on how you’re factoring in certain things, like the fact that we leave behind a layer of compost—meaning you’re no longer paying to bring that in. So if you’re starting a garden, we’re a really good way to do it. You’re taking the unwanted vegetation on your property and turning it right back into this compost that’s coming out of the goat! In terms of environmental stewardship and doing what’s right for your little chunk of the planet, we’re an incredible value. How do you put a price on that?”

Through its struggle to stand out and make a difference, City Grazing is offering a different—and perhaps better—way to clean up one’s property and maybe make a garden as well.

To learn more about City Grazing, visit the website.

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