Chicken Chat: A Young Keeper’s Eye-Catching Cochin Bantams

When Macy B. fell in love with the family flock, it led to her own flock of Cochin bantams—followed by other unique birds. Check out this 10-year-old keeper's chicken journey!

by Chicken Chat
PHOTO: Macy B.

My love for chickens began in 2020 when my parents decided to get backyard chickens for eggs. We started with five Rhode Island Red hens and a Barred Rock rooster, named Doodle Doo. I didn’t know much about chickens when we got them, but I fell in love with them immediately. 

I learned as much as I could about chickens by listening to podcasts and researching online. I even took a poultry class! My dad converted my playhouse into a beautiful coop and made a run under it. The chickens are my responsibility, and I have become a crazy chicken lady already—even though I’m just 10 years old.

When my flock started free-ranging, our basset hound, Flash, made himself their babysitter. He is the gentlest dog and follows them around watching their every move. The cats don’t think as lovingly about them. The chickens will steal food from the cats and pull their fur by pecking them if they hang around the cat food bowl or try to fight for the food.

First Unique Chicken

After I fell in love with our chickens, I started to research chickens and follow Instagram accounts about chickens. I decided I wanted a Silkie and went to a local poultry breeder. However, while trying to pick out my chicken, I realized that keeping a Silkie looking clean and beautiful might be a challenge.

All the adorable little Cochin bantams had caught my eye, as well.  

The breeder told me if I wanted a “lap chicken,” the Cochin bantams would be a perfect fit. I went home with a lovely, molted Cochin that I named Speckles. What made Speckles even extra special is she was the only one of 50 other bantam Cochins to survive at their farm. 

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She quickly formed a strong bond with our family. The other chickens, however, bullied her so badly that her neck was bare. 

I decided the little Cochin needed to come inside the house to get away from the bullies at night when I couldn’t separate her. My mom wasn’t happy about a chicken in the house, so I trained her to sleep on the toilet! This helped my mom not be upset about her in the house, and there was no mess to pick up.

Speckles slept on the toilet a few weeks until the bullying was under control. 

Speckles was the only chicken I have had that went broody. I loved watching the process of seeing the chicks grow through the eggs. Before I knew it, it was day 21, and chicks were hatching! Unfortunately, soon after hatching, the chicks died. This was very sad and hard for me.

However, Speckles quickly went broody again, and now has a healthy baby named Blossom. Speckles is a very good and protective mother, and I am so happy to get to see Blossom grow up.

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One Cute Couple

I am always researching chickens and wanting to get different unique chickens to add to my flock of Cochin bantams. My mom promised me that when I got my gymnastics skill, called a pak, she would get me a Polish chicken. I was so excited when I got my pak. Not only was it a great accomplishment, but I knew I would finally get a Polish chicken. 

When I went to get her, I saw Seramas and Polish all in a pen together. A little white Polish stood out, and I named her Pac. I later got a spunky little Serama rooster, Rowdy. These two are always together and make such a sweet couple.

Funky Flock

My dad built me another small chicken coop so I could add a few more funky chickens to my flock. For the first time, I ordered chicks and had them delivered through the mail. I decided to add two Easter Egger frizzles, a White Crested Black Polish, and a Green Queen bantam. I’m so excited to watch my baby chicks grow up and see my flock grow. 

All of the chickens have their own personality, and I love to spend time with them. When I’m not doing school or gymnastics, I’m outside with them! One of my favorite things is to take pictures and make videos of them to post on Instagram or YouTube to share with everyone. I hope everyone will follow my flock on Instagram and Youtube! 

Macy B. is 10 years old and lives in Floresville, Texas. You can follow the Funky Flock Farm on YouTube or Instagram.

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2023 issue of Chickens magazine. Have a great story about your flock? Email the story of your birds in ~750 words to (subject line: Chicken Chat). Be sure to include high-resolution images of yourself, your chickens and/or your coop. The author of each issue’s published essay receives a prize from one of our ad partners. (See print magazine for rules. Sponsor: EG Media Investments LLC)

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