Sarah Coleman
March 16, 2018

Every issue of Chickens magazine, our editors go looking for unusual items having to do with chickens, chicken-keeping or any aspect related to the two. This time we found eight items including a hen pouch, an arty scarf, a rooster bottle opener and a cuckoo clock featuring livestock.

1. Hen Pouch

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A Hen Pouch allows you to easily collect up to 18 eggs with free hands. $X at X
$10.99; Udder Tech; 888-438-8683;

2. Chicken Party Scarf

chicken scarf

It’s a poultry party on this sheer-white Chicken Party Scarf. $X at X
$12.95; Fluffy Layers; 301-961-2934;

3. Artful Bandages

chicken bandages

Pay homage to your feathered flock even when bandaging other large animal injuries with Farm-Patterned PowerFlex Bandages. Prices vary; 800-432-6686; Andover Healthcare

4. Scarfed Chickens

scarfed felt chickens

These 10 Scarf-Sporting Chickens are sure to bring a smile to your holiday guests. $100 at Thistle Stitch Studio

5. Chicken Wine Glasses

chicken wine glass

Raise a toast with custom-etched Chicken Wine Glasses. $55 at Uniquely Wild Decals

6. Rooster Bottle Opener

rooster bottle opener

Open your bottled beverages with this handmade, bronze Rooster Bottle Opener. $34 at Cast of Characters; 503-234-3851

7. Spring Chicken

chicken ornament

Decorate your tree with this glass Spring Chicken Christmas ornament. $17.99 at Old World Christmas; 800-962-7669

8. Cuckoo Clock

barn cuckoo clock

Celebrate the family farm with the American Barn Cuckoo Clock, complete with barn quilt; when the clock chimes, the farmer hoes and the horse goes in and out of its stall. $795 at The Cuckoo Clock Designer; 800-272-0742

This story originally appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of Chickens magazine.

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