Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Decor For the Coop & Home

Looking to bring your poultry passion indoors or maybe upgrade the chicken coop? Our editors found these nine items every chicken-keeper should check out!

by Sarah Coleman
PHOTO: Johanna Schendel/Pixabay


1. Wrap yourself up in this green, one-piece, brushed polyester, Hooded Pajama to keep warm this winter. $29.99.

2. The EZ slide Nesting Box converts a 5-gallon bucket into a nesting box by snapping the wooden piece on the rim, filling with nesting material and letting your hens do the rest. $11.99.


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3. Eliminate odors from smelly coops by spraying Chick Fresh Concentrate’s microbial formula on litter, walls, nests and roosting areas, as it is safe to use around birds, pets, livestock and people. $12.99.

4. There aren’t many ways to manage pendulous crop in chickens, but a chicken bra can help crop contents move through the digestive system. Simply put it over the chicken’s head and Velcro it over their back. $22.

5. Dustfree and pasture-friendly, Airlite USA Animal Bedding is made of preconsumer, virgin cardboard that can be spread immediately on fields and biodegrades in four to six weeks. Airlite wicks away moisture, drawing urine to the bottom of the coop for easier removal; price varies by retailer.

6. While away the indoor hours this winter with this colorful chicken quote jigsaw puzzle. The 1,000-piece puzzle features a variety of breeds and chicken quotes. $18.21.

7. Stay warm and show off the love of your feathered friends with a chicken C.C thick knit soft beanie, available in beige, grey and mint. $29.99.

8. This insulated chicken knowledge tumbler will keep coffee or tea hot no matter how cold it is outside. Triple insu- lated, this dishwasher safe, 20-ounce cup also provides chicken trivia. $29.95. Purchase at at

9. K&H poultry waterer features a spillproof tank cap and the easy-to-remove filter. The heated version uses 60 watts to keep water free of ice, and the tank design keeps chickens from roosting on top. $98.99.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2022 issue of Chickens magazine. Want more products? Check out our Farm Storehouse offerings

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