Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Poultry Products

Check out these fun chicken-themed products, from a rocking perch to chicken arms and more, in this recent General Store roundup!

by Sarah Coleman

Dorchester Chicken Coop

Fox- and coyote-proof, the ark-shaped Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop (pictured above) has a roof that opens, giving access to all parts of the coop and is suitable for two to three birds. 

Soothing Quiet Time Spray

Zen Hen Soothing Quiet Time Spray promotes stress relief, soothes skin and repels bugs, naturally. 

Crocheted Miniature Chickens

These crocheted miniature chickens—Mini Penny, Mini Peck and Mini Gertie—are sold individually or as a three-piece set.

Chicken Planter

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Made of bonded marble and stone composite, this chicken planter is hand-cast and -finished and available in 14 colors. 

EZ Slide Nester

A simple solution for a nesting box, the EZ Slide Nester converts most 5-gallon buckets into an easy-to-clean nesting box. 

Rocking Chicken Perch

A rocking chicken perch provides fun for your flock and a chance to show off your artistic skills. 

Chicken Folk Art Mug

The brightly-colored, hand-sculpted Penny the Chicken folk art mug features a “rise & shine” message under the rim, but it also works holding flowers, succulents, pens and more. 

4-Port Feeder

The weatherproof, no-waste RentACoop Chick2Chicken four-port feeder allows you to keep crumble, scratch, grain and pellets dry while keeping out dirt and water. 

Chicken Arms

There is nothing quite as hilarious as chickens with arms; choose from The Incredible Cluck, Cluckasaurus Rex, Spidey Cluck, Bat Cluck, Clucky Balboa, Cluck Kent or Cluckos.  

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2023 issue of Chickens magazine.

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