Chicken General Store: Winter Chic(k) Decor

Show your poultry pride with these hand-picked chicken selections! Our editors found these 9 items every chicken-keeper should check out.

by Chickens Magazine HQ

Stoneware Chicken Plates

These 5-inch square stoneware chicken plates are for appetizers, snacks or salads. Price varies by style.   

Coop Hair Don’t Care” Ball Caps

“Coop Hair Don’t Care” ball caps come in ponytail, trucker and baseball styles. Price varies by style.   

chicken mats

HenGear Heat Mats

Keep your eggs safe and sound—and unfrozen—in the coop with energy-efficient and thermostatically controlled HenGear Heat mats, which go under nest pads and can raise the ambient temperature in the collection tray up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. $99 to $139, depending on size.   

Warmies Chicken

The Warmies chicken provides hours of soothing warmth and comfort by being heated in the microwave. Scented with dried French lavender, she can also be chilled in the freezer for cooling relief. $29.99.   

Eaton Pet & Pasture Hemp Bedding

Eaton Pet & Pasture’s naturally-grown hemp bedding for brooders and nesting boxes is virtually dust-free, soft and cozy, absorbent and odor-eliminating. $18.99, 8-pound bag. 

chicken pattern

Custom-Made PDF Pattern

Embroider a custom-made pattern of your feathered friends from Texas artist Amanda Barnes or check out the multitude of PDF patterns for download. $5 and up.   

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Comb & Wattle Salve

Prevent frostbite and promote healing with all-natural Henny+Roo Peppermint Lavender Comb & Wattle Salve, made with coconut oil, beeswax, and peppermint and lavender essential. It also works on human dry skin and cracked cuticles. $10.95.   

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chicken feeder

Extreme Feeder II

The Extreme Feeder II offers a gravity-fed, portable design that allows birds to eat when they choose from four covered ports while keeping up to 25 pounds of feed off the ground and dry. $45.   

Egg Container

Display, transport and/or store 12 regular-sized chicken eggs in a reusable, transparent egg container with an unbendable lid. $12.99. 

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2023 issue of Chickens magazine.  

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