Take Your Chicken for a Walk: 7 Chicken-Themed Items

A chicken harness is among the items we found on the web. Others include kitchenware, a treat holder and an urban-chicken starter kit.

by Sarah Coleman

Every issue of Chickens magazine, our editors go looking for unusual items having to do with chickens, chicken-keeping or any aspect related to the two. This time we found eight items including kitchenware, a treat spiral, a chicken harness, an urban chicken starter kit and a chicken-themed journal.

1. Rooster Kitchenware

chicken rooster kitchenware products

Artist Susan Winget designed these gilded rooster, ceramic, dinnerware and serve-ware pieces, available as plates, mugs, bowls, canisters, platters, trays, cookie jars, and salt and pepper shakers. Prices vary by piece and retailer; from Certified International

2. Chicken Treat Holder

chicken treat spiral holder

The Little Red Hen Treat Spiral provides a sanitary hanging holder for treats and veggies. Prices vary by retailer; from Ware Pet

3. Rooster Kitchen Mat

rooster kitchen comfort mat products

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This 18-by-30-inch, polyester kitchen comfort mat is 1⁄4-inch think, has a heat-transfer design and includes polyurethane backing. $16.99 at Touch of Class

4. Chicken Harness

chicken harness products

Take your chickens for a stroll on a chicken harness. Prices vary by retailer; from Valhoma

5. Feed for Backyard Flocks

chicken feed products

This new backyard chicken and chick feed features the same all-vegetarian formula used by Eggland’s Best farmers. Multiple varieties are available, including USDA-certified organic. Prices vary at Eggland’s Best

6. Urban Chicken Starter Kit

urban chickens chicken starter kit products

This Chicken and Chick Starter Kit includes a 1⁄3-gallon feeder, a 1⁄4-gallon waterer, a treat dispensing toy, a food scoop and a $2-off coupon for poultry feed to get started with urban chickens. $13.99 at Kaytee

7. No-Drown Fount

chicken products chicks no drown fount waterer water

This no-drown fount, from Stromberg’s Chicks & Gamebirds Unlimited, has a narrow drinking space that prevents baby birds from drowning in their water. It fits large and small plastic jars. $1.75 for fount; $9.95 for large 58-ounce plastic jar or $5 for small 1-quart plastic jar at Stromberg’s Chicks and Game Birds

This story originally appeared in the May/June 2018 issue of Chickens magazine.

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