Chili Tips

Here are more warm and tasty chili recipes for you to try: One Texas-style hot and one veggie style "cool."

by Dani Yokhna

 Tips from Hobby Farms on how to make the perfect pot of Chili
Courtesy USDA/Scott Bauer

Chili Tips!
  • Increase the Heat: Make any of these recipes hotter by using a hot chili powder or adding minced fresh, hot peppers; cayenne; or crushed, dried red pepper to taste.
  • Increase the Flavor: If you like the flavor of chili but not the heat, don’t use any hot peppers at all and choose a mild, sweet chili powder.
  • Save Cash: Cheaper cuts of beef and pork stand up to chili’s long cooking time and deliver superior flavor. When cutting into bite-sized pieces, trim fat to individual taste.
  • Cook it Slow: Long, gentle cooking over low heat results in tender meat, thicker consistency and well-melded flavors. A shorter cooking time at high heat can make the meat tougher and increases the risk of burning.
  • Add These: Accompaniments that people can add to their taste at the table include chopped fresh cilantro, sour cream and cheese, such as grated sharp cheddar or thin slices of Manchego.

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