December 20, 2010

Note from Sue, Martok’s human mom: Martok agreed to share his annual Christmas letter to his beautiful Nubian mother, Ozark Jewels Peppercorn, again this year.

Hi Mom,

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Baby goat
Photo by Sue Weaver
Bijou and his twin are still busy baby goats.

I sired nine kids this year! The one on this Christmas card is Bijou. Isn’t he cute? Bijou and his twin, Biscuit, are still babies and full of zip and vinegar. They keep their mama, Jadzia, on her toes. Big Mama and I had twins on March 14. Those kids, Simka and Latka, are huge! Bon Bon had her kids—Drex, Kira, and Emony—on April 19. They’re triplets and look like me! And, that pretty Nubian lady, Bella, who comes to visit me each year, had twin boys, too. 

Bella came back again this month and when her parents, Kirsten and Al Kosinski, came to get her, they brought my human mom a cool surprise: Katy (Black Bell Acres Katja Rose), the most colorful Alpine doeling you can imagine! Kirsten says that she’s a piebald sundgau with butterscotch points. (That’s Alpine talk, in case you don’t know.) Katy likes me—after all, I’m such a studly guy—but the other goats are mean to her because she’s little and she looks different. So, Katy lives with Sam the Lamb and his ewe lamb friends, Miss Maple and Cordelia. They think he’s a funny-looking sheep. 

Alpine goat
Photo by Sue Weaver
My human mom received Katy, an Alpine goat, as a gift this year.

Tell Narwain that her son, Kerla, is doing fine. Now that it’s cold, he thinks he should live in the house. Ha! He doesn’t. He and his pal, Edmund, live in a Port-a-Hut, just like me and Uzzi, but in a different pen across the yard. He thought he’d get to breed Jadzia this fall, but I beat him to the punch; that’s why Biscuit and Bijou were born this fall. Mom says he gets to breed Katy next year—we’ll see about that!

It’s been a good year, Mom. I’ve written lots of blogs and eaten lots of yummy acorns. I miss you, but it’s fun being a journalist and a daddy goat. Merry Christmas! I’ll write again next year.


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