Claims of Abuse at Chicken Farms Lead to Tyson Foods Investigation

After allegations that its chickens suffer abuse, Tyson Foods is conducting an investigation.

by Dani Yokhna

 Claims of Abuse at Chicken Farms Lead to Tyson Foods Investigation (

Mercy for Animals, a nonprofit animal advocacy group out of Chicago, released a video showing disturbing footage of farm workers mistreating chickens. The organization says that a whistleblower captured the footage. The whistleblower supports the campaign that asks consumers to avoid eating meat products as well as sign a petition against Tyson Foods, CNN Money reports. It asks that Tyson undertake animal welfare policies. So far the petition has almost 19,000 signatures.

In response, Tyson released a statement saying that it is taking the claims very seriously, is investigating the matter and is intolerant of cruelty toward animals, CNN Money reports. The statement also says that the company’s “Tyson FarmCheck™ program involves third-party auditors who check on the farm for such things as animal access to food and water, human-animal interaction and worker training.”

Regardless of the outcome, many will still have concerns about how the food animals of any brand are treated. Raising your own means you can ensure the meat you eat is treated as humanely as possible.


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