Colorful Orpingtons Flock To Cardinal Creek Homestead

Cardinal Creek Homestead founder Lexis tells us how her chicks help keep the eastern Kentucky homestead full of fun and color.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Cardinal Creek Homestead

When not scooting around pursuing adventures in a self-built 1989 Skoolie bus, you’ll find Lexis tending to hobby farm duties at Cardinal Creek Homestead. Situated in rural eastern Kentucky, the farm is fueled by a coterie of fur-laden and feathered friends, including some pretty spectacular Orpington chicks.

We spoke to Lexis about her homesteading roots and the joys of overcoming farming challenges. We also got to meet a chocolate rooster named Ghirardelli

A Family Tradition

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“As a young girl I grew up on my grandparents’ hobby farm in New York raising chickens, horses, goats and pigeons,” recalls Lexis. “My favorite thing was waking up in the morning and getting to feed and take care of all the animals.”

Over the ensuing years, Lexis always managed to stay close to animals. “I told myself when I was ready to purchase my own home I would have my own hobby farm and raise my own livestock,” she says.

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Send in the Chicks

Chickens play a central role in the running of Cardinal Creek Homestead. Lexis characterizes them as “the funniest and strangest animals I have ever met.” She adds that each chicken’s personality really comes to the fore as you begin to spend time with them on a daily basis.

“My heart chicken is actually my Silkie rooster, Raven,” she says. “One of my favorite things he does is make the craziest sounds when I put treats down in the run to show his ladies that he found them the treats.”

Spotlight on the Orpingtons

When it comes to the most eye-catching chickens frolicking at the homestead, Lexis pinpoints both the Chocolate and Lavender Orpingtons.

“Both are a gorgeous color, full of feathers and lots of fluff,” she explains. “They add great color to a flock, and it’s hard to get a bad picture of them!”

Get to Know Ghirardelli

A chocolate Orpington rooster named Ghirardelli has emerged as one of the standout personalities down at Cardinal Creek Homestead. “He is an absolute sweetheart!” says Lexis. “He is a super docile rooster and loves his ladies to the max!”

Lexis adds that Ghirardelli has also stepped up and embraced a role as a flock protector—and shows his gracious side by always “making sure his girls eat first” when it comes to meal times.

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Learn a New Thing Every Day

Reflecting on her hobby farm journey to date, Lexis says that she takes joy from the nourishing feeling that comes with “being able to continuously learn new things everyday” in a bid to become self-sufficient.

“Learning to raise different kinds of animals and challenging myself every day on the farm is, to me,  the most rewarding,” she says.

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