Construct Your Own Urban Farm With This Danish Kit

Think you can’t build your own urban farm? Think again!

Who says you can’t order your very own urban farm and construct it yourself? Certainly not Human Habitat, the Copenhagen-based company that created Impact Farm, a “flat-packed pop-up farm” that, once constructed, turns into a “two-story hydroponic farm,” Discovery reports.
While this isn’t the first time a Danish company created a product that was assembly-ready (Denmark is also responsible for Legos), it may be the first time the assembly resulted in food production. Discovery reports that the kit contains construction tools and pre-made pieces and takes 10 days to assemble. The result is 538 square feet of urban farming potential. Just one farm could produce nearly three tons, Collectively reports. Larger farms could produce twice the amount.

Mikkel Kjaer of Human Habitat told Discovery, “We wanted to reconnect people to food by giving them a green space that brings nature back into our cities.”

To learn more about the Impact Farm, visit the Human Habitat website.

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