Cucumbers: “Garden To Facial” Cucumber Cubes 

Is your garden producing more cucumbers than you can use? Make these easy cucumber ice cubes for a simply refreshing skin and face product.

by Michelle Bruhn
PHOTO: Michell Bruhn

They say necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well, if you’ve run out of ideas to make the most of your cucumber harvests in the kitchen, why not harness the power of these prolific fruits for your face! I’ve always been cucumber curious and love growing lots of different varieties. This means there comes a time when I have too many cucumbers and even my friends and neighbors refuse any more.

So, at the end of the season, once I’ve canned, fermented, relished and made every variety of cucumber salad imaginable, I start juicing and freezing them! You can use overgrown cucumbers for this project too, which I love. As hobby farmers we hate to see anything we grew go to waste, right? 

Note: I can also say that using cucumber juice in a margarita or mocktails is really refreshing too! 

Cucumber Health Benefits 

Cucumbers have many benefits for your overall health. Because they’re 95 percent water and contain electrolytes, they’re known for being one of the most hydrating foods, a great option after working in the garden.

Plus, a single cucumber holds around 40 percent of your daily recommended vitamin K, plus around 15 percent of A and C. Cucumbers also contain many antioxidants including flavonoids and lignans—but be sure to eat the cucumber skin for maximum vitamin benefits. 

But you can still benefit from all these nutrients via your body’s largest organ—your skin! 

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You’ve probably all heard of placing slices of cucumbers on your eyes to reduce puffiness. Well, there’s some serious science behind that. Cucumbers contain caffeic acid, which can reduce water retention in skin, especially the thinner skin around your eyes.  

Cucumbers also deeply cleanse while brightening the skin. Because of the cucumbers’ high amounts of vitamins C and A, they can help regain elasticity and build collagen, too.  

DIY Cucumber Cubes 

I find that two medium large cucumbers blended to a puree fit nicely into an old school ice cube tray. You’ll need twice the cucumbers if straining out for juice. I don’t mind using the pulp, too, but be aware that, even though blended, there will be some “solids” left as you use the ice cubes.

I often use these on my face while taking a hot bath! 

Deseed any large and tough seeds. Remove any blemishes or bruises, but leave as much skin on as possible.   

Use a blender to puree. You can either use as is or strain out the cucumber juice.  

I really like the simple single ingredient cucumber cubes, but I have made and enjoyed these other combinations as well.  

Cucumber + Green Tea 

Mix 1 to 1 with prepared green tea and cucumber juice or pulp. Freeze in cubes and rub over face to really reduce puffiness. 

Cucumber + Aloe Vera  

Mix 1 to 1 with aloe vera gel and cucumber juice or pulp. Freeze in cubes and rub over face to soothe and hydrate. 

To Use 

Wash your face prior to using the cucumber cubes. Rub the cubes in circular motions over your face for three to four minutes, making sure not to stay in one spot too long. Rinse and moisturize as normal. 

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