Deer Versus Plants and Shrubs

These darned deer are really ticking me off.

by Jessica Walliser

Coming up with ways to keep the deer away from plants and shrubs
Photo by Jessica Walliser

The deer netting is back on … for now.

These darned deer are really ticking me off.
They are supposed to be DONE eating our landscape plants now that wild foods in the woods behind our house are more available. 
I cover up my evergreen shrubs with deer netting during the winter months and then usually remove it come spring, but after I took it off last week, they showed up and chomped away … So, the netting went back on.

They ate a lot of stuff this past winter that they aren’t ‘supposed to’ eat including boxwood (!), dogwood, hollies, and oakleaf hydrangea.

They even dug up some of my bearded iris rhizomes and nibbled them into bits!

I usually don’t have much trouble from them during the spring and summer months, at least nothing that a few sprays of deer repellant won’t fix, but I have a feeling this year might be different. 

I generally rely on two different sprays if it becomes necessary to keep the deer out of the perennial garden during the growing season: I use Tree Guard in the fall and PlantSkydd in the spring and summer. 

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I like both products and have had good success with them. But, our browse is not as heavy as some other areas near where we live.

It might be a bad year for my hostas, heucheras, and sunflowers. They seem to be our herd’s favorite summer treats.

I guess I’d better buy a few more containers of repellant next time I’m at the garden center.  

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