Jessica Walliser
November 18, 2010

Brussels sprouts
Photo by Jessica Walliser
My Brussels sprouts made not one, but three delicious meals.

Well, I finally got around to digging the rest of the potatoes, and I managed to find another 5-gallon bucket full of them. Just enough for Thanksgiving dinner. We had our first Brussels-sprout dinner the other night, too, and they were just divine. Small, but beautiful and delicious. I’ll probably get two more meals out of what’s left.  They are such fun to grow, too. 

I’ve also been raking leaves like nobody’s business the past few weeks.  I’ve already managed to fill all three of my compost bin sections clear to the top. The chicken coop got cleaned, too, so that bedding and manure was added to the top of the leaves.  By next summer, it’s gonna be good stuff. The trees should be done dropping leaves by the end of this week (please, please, please!), so hopefully this weekend will be the last leaf clean-up day of the season. 

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And, on a not-so-good note, it appears that our pond pump has died at long last.  It’s more than 6 years old, which I think is pretty good for a pump that runs 24/7 for nearly 365 days a year. (We do turn it off when the pond is frozen solid.) It shut off the other day, so I reset the GFI plug and turned it back on. It ran for a minute or so while making an awfully weird sound, then it shut off again. I figured the filter box was probably just junked up with goop. Saturday, I donned my fishing waders and hopped in to clear it out. After 45 minutes of scrubbing and hosing and freezing my buns off in that cold water, I put the pump back in and flipped the switch.  More awfully weird sounds, then it shut off again. I guess it’s time to get a new pump. I’m bummed because that means I’m gonna have to get back in there to set it up. Next time, I’m putting my insulated long-johns on under the waders.

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