Make a Quick & Easy DIY Holiday Centerpiece Using a Wreath

During the busy holiday season it's tough to find the time to be creative, but this easy DIY holiday centerpiece takes just a few minutes to make.

by Jessica Walliser
PHOTO: Jessica Walliser

During the busy holiday season, it’s tough to find the time to get creative. Cookie baking, gift wrapping and merry making take center stage this time of year, and most of us don’t have enough hours in the day to make any of the fancy DIY holiday decorations we covet on Pinterest. But, here’s a quick and easy DIY holiday centerpiece that you don’t need hours to make. With just a few minutes of your time and a handful of materials, you’ll have a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table.

Materials for This DIY Holiday Centerpiece

  • 1 16-to-18-inch-wide fresh evergreen wreath; you can choose one made from mixed evergreens or one made from just a single type of evergreen, such as Noble or Canaan fir
  • 6 to 8 short sprigs of mixed evergreens. Choose ones that are different from those that form the wreath base. Boxwood, holly, cedar, juniper and laurel are all good options. Cut them from your own property, if you’d like, or buy them from a garden center or flower shop.
  • 3 to 6 accent pieces. These could be pinecones, winterberry branches, colored baubles or any other decorative items. To keep your DIY holiday centerpiece from being too gaudy, choose just one or two different accents. Don’t go overboard.
  • 24 to 36 inches of ribbon. For the best results, choose one that has wires in the edge. Wired ribbon is easier to work with and holds up better than non-wired ribbon.
  • Glass jar or hurricane globe
  • Candle or string of fairy lights
  • Pruners

How to Build This DIY Holiday Centerpiece

Step 1: Set Up the Wreath in a Work Area

DIY holiday centerpiece
Jessica Walliser

Lay the wreath down at the center of the table. If you want to make sure your table cloth stays clean and free from sap stains, place the wreath down on a dish or serving tray that’s slightly smaller than the wreath’s diameter.

Step 2: Add Evergreen Sprigs

DIY holiday centerpiece
Jessica Walliser

Add the extra evergreen sprigs by inserting the cut ends down into the wreath, taking care to space the accent green sprigs at an equal distance. Cut their stem end off a bit to make them shorter if their tips stick out too far, but do not cut off the tips themselves or they’ll look noticeably blunt. Make sure these extra pieces of evergreens are aimed in the same direction as the pieces that create the wreath. Wreaths are made with all the evergreen sprigs swirling in the same direction. Be sure to follow the same pattern when adding your extra evergreen sprigs.

Step 3: Add Accent Pieces

Add your accent pieces in small clusters, again being sure to equally space them around the diameter of the wreath. Make sure they, too, are swirling in the correct direction. Because the wreath will be laying flat, there’s no need to wire the accents in. Simply poke them down into the wreath frame as best as you can.

Step 4: Incorporate the Ribbon

DIY holiday centerpiece
Jessica Walliser

Weave the ribbon through the wreath. There’s no need to wire it in place. Instead, just spread the ribbon around the wreath and then use your finger to poke it down in between the evergreen sprigs four or five times so it looks like it’s rippling through the evergreens. The cut ends of the ribbon can either stick out of the wreath or be tucked down into the evergreens to hide them.

Step 5: Add Lighting Element

DIY holiday centerpiece
Jessica Walliser

Place the jar or hurricane globe in the center opening of the wreath. Put the candle or fairy lights inside the jar or hurricane globe. Light the candle or switch on the fairy lights when you’re ready for the celebration.

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DIY holiday centerpiece
Jessica Walliser

As you can see, this quick and easy DIY holiday centerpiece takes just a few minutes to make. You can personalize it with some extra accents, too. Paint wooden letters to spell JOY or NOEL or even your last name and space the letters around the wreath. Or try using three glass votive candles at the center, instead of one larger hurricane globe. You can also use spray glitter to add a bit of sparkle and shine to your easy DIY holiday centerpiece; just make sure it’s fully dry before you light the candle. The possibilities are endless.

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