January 12, 2010

I finally did it.

I went to Sears and picked up a set of tool cabinets. They are sleek, black and red and altogether out of place in my shop.

My tools were scattered on walls, in cabinets and in various drawers. They were not always easy to find or cared for as they should be. It hasn’t been pretty.

For years, I have envied the shops seen in various articles and ads.  You know what I mean. You may even have one. The floor is so clean you could eat from it. All the cabinets are in place, hung on walls or mounted on wheels for easy access. All units are matching in color and style. They are literally picture perfect. Mine is not.

It isn’t that I wouldn’t like a shop like I see in those pictures. It is just that I have never been able to justify the investment.

After all, the two 7-ft. wooden cabinets that I picked up at Salvation Army for $10 each have worked pretty well. Saws, hammers and most of my other tools mount to the inside walls. Even the old set of file card drawers I picked up for a buck or two at a garage sale have worked for odds and ends. 

But there comes a time when getting by isn’t good enough.

My dream has always been and remains to build my own wooden tool cabinet, perhaps mounted under my workbench. 

The problem is that such things take time and need to be done right. Other jobs take precedence. Meanwhile, my tools have suffered. They needed a better home, and now they have one.

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