PHOTO: Smiling Hill Farm/Facebook
Rachael Dupree
June 2, 2016

Have you ever gotten home from a hard day and just needed a cuddle? Smiling Hill Farm, a farm and ice cream parlor near Portland, Maine, has just what you need. On Tuesday evenings, the farm lends out their baby goats for cuddle sessions—and everyone from families with kids to couples on dates has shown up to take advantage.

The farm started goat cuddling on a whim, according to Bangor Daily News, but it drew in more than 300 visitors, so now it’s become a weekly thing. Every visitor gets a tutorial on how to cradle the goats properly. The key is a “firm good snuggle” cuddler Jessica Jarrett told BGN. It’s become something that everyone—both humans and goats—have come to enjoy. Even better, after a nice good snuggle, visitors can grab an ice cream cone to go (after washing their hands first, of course).

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To get more info about goat cuddling and other happenings at Smiling Hill Farm, visit their Facebook page.

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